Galveston, Texas Travel Guide

Get away to a place where the sunrises are incredible, where history lives on, to a place of quaint beauty and unmistakable flavor. A tropical world where sea, sand, and soul find their own unique place in the sun, Galveston Island is where the Texas coast begins. Warm breezes and temperate seas await you on Galveston Island, one of the oldest port cities on the Gulf Coast. Galveston’s history and authentic charm make it a favorite seaside escape for any season. Galveston is one of the most accessible beach destinations in Texas and easy 45 minutes southeast of Houston yet the minute you set foot on our shores you’re a world away.

If you are new to the island, make your first stop at one of the Galveston Island visitor information centers. Here, you’ll find a warm greeting and plenty of help to plan the perfect island experience. If a place in the sun is what you are seeking, Galveston Island offers an abundance of sand and surf featuring more than 32 miles of Texas best beaches like Stewart Beach, the islands premier family beach park or East Beach with its cool refreshments and live entertainment. Whether it’s swimming, sailing, catching a wave, biking, or just a casual stroll on the sand, the island’s warm sun and mild Gulf breezes make it an outdoor lover’s paradise.

Galveston is one of the nation’s top birding locations too with three-quarters of all North American bird species traveling through Galveston during spring and fall migration, it’s no wonder that novice and experienced birders alike flock to the island. If marine life is your fancy, take a tour of NOAA’s sea turtle center the only research facility of its kind dedicated to the preservation of these magnificent sea creatures.

For year-round fun on a grand scale, try an adventure to Moody Gardens one of America’s most unique family entertainment parks. At Moody Gardens, you can explore the tropical wonders of the rainforest pyramid. Marvel at life beneath the sea in one of the world’s largest aquariums, venture into the world of science at the discovery pyramids, buckle up for thrills of the 3d IMAX and IMAX ride film theaters, jump into the action at the 4d special-effects theater or just take a leisurely stroll on a pure white sand beach. For cool family fun with a Bavarian twist, brave the roaring rapids at Schlitterbahn, a texas original. With closable sections for year-round fun, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island is truly one of the most innovative parks of its kind in the world. Featuring acres of thrills and plenty of chills, Schlitterbahn is sure to make a big splash with the whole family.

A trip to Galveston Island is a step back into the past, from the days when explorer Cabeza de Vaca and pirate Jean Lafitte walked the shores to today, Galveston has built a rich and colorful history. One great way to take in the sights is by taking one of the many Island tours. Whether on foot, trolley, carriage or even both, local guides will help bring the past to life. At the heart of the island is the Strand National Historic Landmark District including the post office, street art, and entertainment district. Home to merchants, restaurants, galleries, nightclubs, and antique shops, this vibrant 36 square block district is a living reminder of a bygone era and the center of a thriving arts community.

The crown jewel of the area is the grand 1894 Opera House designated the official Opera House of Texas. Lovingly restored to its original grandeur, a night at the Opera House is a memorable experience. Take a trip through time in Galveston’s many one-of-a-kind museums like the Galveston County Historical Museum offering a look at the islands colorful past from its founding in the 1820s. The Galveston Railroad Museum and Centre for transportation takes you back in time to a remarkable era when steel rails moved a nation. At the Texas Seaport Museum on the waterfront, you’ll get a glimpse of Galveston’s rich maritime history. Then climb aboard the 1877 tall ship ELISA and explore the decks of this proud Lady of the sea designated as one of America’s treasures by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Galveston offers accommodations for any budget, from charming bed-and-breakfast inns to luxury condominiums, from unique seaside resorts to grand hotels.

Why should you travel and what benefits it gives to you?

Travelling all around is very interesting for you, if you are curious to see new things in the world and change your environment. If you are not fond of visiting new places, even then we will recommend you to go to different places and enjoy. Different places have different culture and when you go there and visit the place, you came to know their culture and their environment. The owners of a flat roofing Edmonton company love to spend their free time exploring the world. In order to travel to different places, you must have cash in hand and the time too. If you don’t have enough money with you then it is not possible to go to the places around.

Following are some of the important benefits that you can avail by visiting new and different places:

  • You get knowledge about the new environment and new culture. The way they perform their activities and all about their lifestyle.
  • When you are busy with the daily routine in the office and home, you become frustrated. In such a situation, you should take your family with you and visit new places. It will fresh your mind and give you relaxation when you will be free for some days. Thus ensuring the peace of mind.
  • You will get some time to spend with your family and children.
  • If you have got married a few days before, then travelling around will help you to understand your partner and spending some time alone with her.
  • Budgeting is very important when you go for traveling. No Matter how much money you have, you will need more and more to fulfil your needs.
  • You can improve your communication skills with traveling. As we know, people from different places speak different languages and one person can never be an expert in all languages. So it is be an opportunity to improve your communication skills and understand other’s language. You will also get benefits from this in the future.
  • When you are free of stress and burden of work, you will get some creative thoughts in the mind. These thoughts will help you to improve your activities and have a better career.
  • The most important thing is that, traveling in unknown places and sectors will boost up your confidence and your learning skills. You will be confident in dealing with others and deliver your messages.


So, traveling is all about real time experience. As much as you go, you will have fun and excitement in near future.

Don’t miss any chance, just go and enjoy….!!

Places to see in Montreal

There are lots of places you need to see in Montreal, and these places will offer you beautiful scenes to view, nice ambiance among other things.

Below are ten wonderful places you need to see in Montreal;

Montreal Olympic Park

This was where the 1976 Olympics was held. The sea shell shaped stadium is worth seeing in its elegance. Places you can view in the park are the creative botanical garden, covered botanic-zoological Biodôme garden as well as the Insectarium.

Montreal Street Art

This may depend on the neighborhood you are visiting, you’ll see diverse, interesting street art, murals as well as graffiti in Montreal.

Notre-Dame Basilica

This is the oldest church in Montreal. It was founded in 1656. Here you can learn about the founding history of Montreal via sound and light show in the evenings. You need to see this!

Centaur Theatre

The Centaur Theatre is a wonderful place to see an English-language play. It is located in Old Montreal. It used to be the Old Stock Exchange Building in Old Montreal.

Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is unique housing complex carefully carved out in its elegant design. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Montreal. It was built in the 1960s by architect Moshe Safdie and has been kept since then.

Old Port terrace

Here, you can view the entire Montreal city in few minutes and enjoy the area view of the city. You can achieve this by just taking a drink at the Old Port Terrace. Its a safer and cost-effective way to see the entire city.

The Horse Palace

Since 1860, Horse Palace stable has been used to house horses till now. It is located in Old Montreal. This is really a great dazzling site for tourists.


The DHC is nothing but a paradise for contemporary artworks. Here you can find contemporary art collections and admire the beauty and dexterity of art craftsmanship in Old Montreal.


ParcMaisonneuve is a combination of a great imaginative botanical garden. At JardinBotanique, tourists are attracted to the Japanese as well as Chinese Gardens, beautiful glasshouses, including orchids and bonsai displays.

The Clock Tower Beach

If you love to have a fun filled beach experience in Montreal, the Clock Tower Beach presents you with a quality and enjoyable experience.

Places To See In Ottawa

In Ottawa, Canada there is a long list of beautiful places one can visit to appreciate both nature and human works.

Below are ten from the list;

National Gallery of Canada

This is an architectural masterpiece. Its design comes with beautifully designed prism-like glass towers. The beauty of National Gallery of Canada is better experienced than reading. You will also be able to see its wonderful collections.

The RCMP Stables

This is a home for both horses and officers. Here, Stables train horses for the RCMP Musical Ride. It will be a nice idea to see RCMP musical ride even if it’s just once.

Dows Lake Pavilion

This is a beautiful place to behold. Its placement overlooks the lake. Also, the pavilion looks over the docks where you rent canoes, paddleboats, bikes or kayaks. During the winter, tourists can rent sleds and skates. It is pavilion filled with fun.

Canadian War Museum

This can be found close to the Ottawa River. This modern museum will enable you to explore Canada’s military past via the display of exhibitions as well as artifacts. You can simply know Canada from its past.

Parliament Hill

This is the most visited place in Ottawa. There are wonderful events which are free. These include changing of guard ceremony every morning in summer and the sound and light show in the evenings. This will definitely leave memories to cherish with you.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Here is another you need to visit. It is located at the Rockcliffe Airport. This museum will give you the details of Canadian civil and military aviation’s past. You will love the objects in this museum.

 The Upper Town

The Upper Town of Ottawa is known for its beauty. It extends beyond the Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal southwest. This is really a beauty to behold.

Canadian Museum of Nature

This museum reinforces the ingenuity of the existence of dinosaur in the time past. Here you can see images, skeletons of long existed dinosaurs. It will help you upgrade your knowledge on animals.

 The National Archives Of Canada

Here, you can find things that pertain to the history of Canada. One of such the items you can find here is the largest collection of Canadian sheet music in the world. You will also find works of art such as sketches,  oil paintings, and water colors.

ByWard Market

This is wonderful and beautiful farmers’ market to behold. It is highly colorful. It is a shopping district during the day, restaurants and turns to clubs during the night.

Places to Visit in Kingston

Kingston, a former and first capital city of Canada is now a flourishing city containing many of the province’s most captivating stories.

Checkout the information below on some of the most interesting places to visit in the city as well as things to do and see in the city ranging from the city museums to tour of picturesque trails and a lot more.

Kingston City Hall

The Kingston City Hall houses the city’s principal local government. The City Hall, designed by George Browne is a neo-classical architecture masterpiece that gives a magnificent and unforgettable view of the city’s skyline. The City Council is located inside the City Hall just like it was during the government of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister. Between May and October, guided tours of the City Hall building are organized to learn to appreciate its history and use.

Kingston Public Market

Running since 1801, Is Kingston Public Market! The public market takes place in Kingston city Springer Market Square and runs from April to November. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the market is filled with local flowers sellers, fresh produce, baked goods sellers,  such as baked goods from the very popular Wolfe Island Bakery, and other products from artisans and vendors. On Saturdays, the market is for antique businesses and buyers along with events and performances by the locals, including live cooking events by some of the city’s local chefs.

Correctional Service of Canada Museum

This Museum is also popularly known as Penitentiary Museum; the museum shows the roles played by the City of Kingston in Canada’s correctional. Kingston at a certain point had seven prisons fully operational inside the city, which is an unusual number for a moderate size city like Kingston. Presently, the city has two operational correctional facilities and four in its surrounding areas. The Penitentiary Museum preserves this complex, yet important part of Canada’s history.

The Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island is the largest among the 1000 island, and it’s a well-populated island located a little distance offshore from Kingston city. Marysville, the island’s biggest town contains a beautifully arranged line of cafes and stores which are most popular in summer. Also in summer months, the sandy beaches with breathtaking crystal clear water located in the Sandy Bay area will make you feel like you are on a super exotic island and not Lake Ontario’s shore. The Big Sandy Bay area can also be accessed by ferry.

Scenic Locations in Edmonton

Edmonton spreads along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It is also the capital of Alberta. Due to its economic prosperity, Edmonton has investments in culture and art through the construction of remarkable museums and theaters.

But what the city is most known for is the West Edmonton Mall which is one of the biggest shopping and leisure centers worldwide. Shoppers can still be found lingering around this mall even when the temperature is not that favorable.

There are a lot of scenic locations in Edmonton, and some of them are listed below. They include;

Elk Island National Park & Beaver Hills
This national park is home to a variety of wildlife ranging from deer, elk, beaver, and moose. But the major attraction that thus national park which encloses a wooded section with wetlands and lake is the massive herd of bison which can be seen grazing in an enclosure. Anyone who is slowly driving on the road of the park is bound to see one of these large animals.

West Edmonton Mall
This is the biggest shopping center in Canada and also one of the largest worldwide. Additionally, it is a major attraction for tourists. Asides from numerous restaurants and shops, this facility is also made up of an ice rink, movie theaters and a massive water park among others.

Galaxyland is located in the mall is one of the largest occupied amusement parks located indoors worldwide. There are a variety of rides including a roller coaster which is triple looped.

Fort Edmonton Park
This is another museum which is open air. This park consists of ancient buildings that have been renovated to show the historical development of Edmonton.

The buildings consist of a normal 1846 fort which is owned by the Hudson Bay Company, buildings from the 1920’s, a street from the initial town of 1885 and a host of others. There are various means of old transport available, and visitors can ride a steam line or a wagon drawn by a horse. There are also various exhibits about ecology and local geology in the John Janzen Nature Center close by.


Places to see in Alberta

Alberta, home to some of the most beautiful scenic places in Canada, millions of tourists are drawn to Alberta every year to experience its different scenic sites, from the beautiful snow-capped peaks to breathtakingly picturesque glaciers and the magnificent lakes of Jasper National Park and Banff.

Skiers come in numbers to the slopes during winter. Some of the best events in North America are held in Alberta, Calgary annual Stampede is one of such events. Calgary is a thriving city which offers wide a range of entertainment. North of Alberta is the provincial capital of Edmonton, which houses along with various cultural attractions, the West Edmonton Mall which is the largest mall in Canada.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is Canada’s largest national park, with about 10,878 square kilometers size. The park contains forests, lakes, glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls, the park was named Jasper after the town of Jasper which is in the center of the park. Unlike Banff, Jasper town and Jasper National Parkare not well visited. The town and park seem remote especially during winter when a majority of the facilities at the Park are closed down.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is situated not far from the north side of Banff, and it is arguably the most magnificent  scenic part of Banff National Park. Lake  Louise is popular and loved for its gorgeous blue and clear water which often shows reflections of Victoria Glacier, and it’s surrounding mountains. On the opposite side of the Lake from Grand Chateau Lake Louise, lies a breathtaking scenery, the walkway along the shoreline of the lake provides tourist a cool place to take a walk and enjoy the environment. Canoe rentals are available for visitors who might want to explore the lake or simply paddle on it. Lake Louise is also a cool place for hikers, and tourists can easily see hiking trails along the lakeside path leading up the mountain or to the glacier.

Moraine Lake

Further from Lake Louise is Moraine Lake, anotherlake with breathtaking,It is located in the Valley of Ten Peaks, which is found at the end of a twisty but delightfully scenic 13 kilometersmountain road.Moraine Lake’s water isturquoise,encircled by snow decorated peaks. Moraine Lake is not popular among visitors as Louise Lake, and it is covered byten different over 3,000 meters high peaks, these peaks hold in the Wenkchemna Glacier.