Places to see in Alberta

Alberta, home to some of the most beautiful scenic places in Canada, millions of tourists are drawn to Alberta every year to experience its different scenic sites, from the beautiful snow-capped peaks to breathtakingly picturesque glaciers and the magnificent lakes of Jasper National Park and Banff.

Skiers come in numbers to the slopes during winter. Some of the best events in North America are held in Alberta, Calgary annual Stampede is one of such events. Calgary is a thriving city which offers wide a range of entertainment. North of Alberta is the provincial capital of Edmonton, which houses along with various cultural attractions, the West Edmonton Mall which is the largest mall in Canada.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is Canada’s largest national park, with about 10,878 square kilometers size. The park contains forests, lakes, glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls, the park was named Jasper after the town of Jasper which is in the center of the park. Unlike Banff, Jasper town and Jasper National Parkare not well visited. The town and park seem remote especially during winter when a majority of the facilities at the Park are closed down.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is situated not far from the north side of Banff, and it is arguably the most magnificent  scenic part of Banff National Park. Lake  Louise is popular and loved for its gorgeous blue and clear water which often shows reflections of Victoria Glacier, and it’s surrounding mountains. On the opposite side of the Lake from Grand Chateau Lake Louise, lies a breathtaking scenery, the walkway along the shoreline of the lake provides tourist a cool place to take a walk and enjoy the environment. Canoe rentals are available for visitors who might want to explore the lake or simply paddle on it. Lake Louise is also a cool place for hikers, and tourists can easily see hiking trails along the lakeside path leading up the mountain or to the glacier.

Moraine Lake

Further from Lake Louise is Moraine Lake, anotherlake with breathtaking,It is located in the Valley of Ten Peaks, which is found at the end of a twisty but delightfully scenic 13 kilometersmountain road.Moraine Lake’s water isturquoise,encircled by snow decorated peaks. Moraine Lake is not popular among visitors as Louise Lake, and it is covered byten different over 3,000 meters high peaks, these peaks hold in the Wenkchemna Glacier.